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POA what is power of attorney - scottish solicitors

POA: The Basics of Power of Attorney

What is a Power of Attorney (POA)? A POA is a legal document that appoints trusted individuals to make decisions on your behalf. To be valid, the Power of Attorney must be validly executed before a solicitor or medical practitioner and subsequently regist...

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Death and Taxes – Your Inheritance Tax Guide

Depending on an estate’s size, one of the biggest factors to be taken into account is the size of any potential Inheritance Tax bill. Friends Legal can help you through the IHT process as part of our By Your Side Service.

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How Friends Legal are solving the probate pricing problem with help from Exizent

We are driven by our mission to be a market-leading Scottish Law firm that our customers choose for our excellent results, and outstanding client experience. Launching our new By Your Side services, our aim is to make the professional legal services for b...

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what is confirmation and probate in scotland solicitors

Confirmation in Scotland Vs Probate in England & Wales

There are similarities between Scotland and south of the border, such as Inheritance Tax provisions, but there are also a lot of differences when it comes to handling an estate. In Scotland, Executors apply to the Court for Confirmation. This is the docum...

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Pricing Of Our By Your Side Legal Services

We believe in offering a high quality, professional service for a fair price. Price transparency has become increasingly important, we proactively show our fees to help you make a better-informed decision.

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Full Estate Administration Services

After your loved one has died, the last thing many want to think about is distributing their assets. At this time of loss, Friends Legal can step in to take away that stress, dealing with the Courts and all the administrative tasks involved in winding up an estate.

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Obtaining Confirmation

Let Friends Legal take care of obtaining the grant of Confirmation from the Court, leaving you free to deal with the rest of the Estate Administration.

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Afterlife Legal Services

After a loved one has died, we can provide as much or as little legal help as you need. From £250 for a Helping Hand, to Full Estate Administration, starting at £1800. There’s no percentages or hourly rates, just a transparent fixed-fee service.

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A Trust is a way of managing your assets either while you are alive, or after death. Trusts are often used to protect assets and assist vulnerable beneficiaries, and as such are commonly set up in Wills so that assets are properly managed.

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Power Of Attorney

We are all used to making our own decisions. But what happens if you become unable to make decisions for yourself? Nobody plans for poor health or a serious accident to strike, that’s why no matter your age it’s vital to grant Power of Attorney.

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