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Category: Clinical Negligence

cervical cancer screening misdiagnosis late diagnosis clinical negligence solicitors Scotland

Deaths Linked to Cervical Cancer Screening Errors Trigger NHS Investigation

Around 200,000 medical records of women across Scotland are to be reviewed for errors. This comes after inaccurate data-labelling lead to hundreds of women being excluded from cervical cancer screenings, leading to delays in cancer diagnosis. Fears are mo...

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Friends Legal botox negligence solicitors

Botox Negligence Claim Solicitors

If you have suffered an injury as a result of having Botox, our expert personal injury lawyers can help you bring a claim for compensation.

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Friends Legal cosmetic surgery negligence solicitors

Cosmetic Surgery Claims

If you have suffered a personal injury following a cosmetic procedure, Friends Legal can help.

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friends legal expand into edinburgh with Val Roberts

Friends Legal expands into Edinburgh

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded with the opening of a new Edinburgh office.

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Laser Eye Surgery Negligence Claim Solicitors / Suzi Loyd Friends Legal

Lens Replacement Surgery Claims

If your eyesight has suffered as a result of lens replacement surgery or as a result of a faulty or damaged lens, our specialist lens replacement surgery claims lawyers can help.

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Laser Eye Surgery Negligence Claim Solicitors

Laser Eye Surgery Claims England & Wales

For many people, laser eye surgery is life-changing, but things can and do go wrong, with rising numbers of people suffering a personal injury as a result.

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Laser Eye Surgery Negligence Claim Solicitors

Laser Eye Surgery Claims

When laser eye surgery or lens replacement surgery goes wrong it can have a devastating effect, and if you have suffered loss as a result of laser eye surgery in the UK, Friends Legal can help you to bring a claim for compensation.

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Clinical Negligence Compensation Claims Solicitors / Friends Legal

Clinical Negligence Solicitors Scotland

If a medical professional has failed to provide the right treatment or care for you, we can provide you with advice and assistance in pursuing a claim for compensation.

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