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Doctors and general practitioners (GPs) play a crucial role in our healthcare system, often being the first point of contact for any health concerns. Sometimes this medical care can fall short of expected standards, and the consequences for the patient can be severe. This is known as GP and doctors negligence.

Our solicitors specialise in handling claims related to GP negligence, offering friendly and bespoke advice to our clients. If you have received negligent care from your GP, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with our clinical negligence team for immediate advice on 0333 3580 583

Understanding GP and Doctor Malpractice

Medical negligence by doctors or GPs happens when they don’t give the care we expect from them, and a patient is harmed as a result. These incidents impact the patient’s physical health and can also bring about emotional and financial strains. 

The physical consequences of doctor malpractice can range from prolonged suffering and pain, to permanent disability or even loss of life. The emotional toll can be equally significant, causing distress, anxiety, and a loss of trust in medical professionals. 

Friends Legal understands the impact of GP negligence and are committed to guiding you through the claims process. 

Types of GP Medical Negligence

The most common instances of GP and doctor negligence include:

  • Inadequate examination: A doctor may overlook important symptoms or fail to conduct a thorough examination. This can result in a missed diagnosis. 
  • Failure to provide timely treatment: GPs may delay necessary treatment, causing further harm or worsening of the patient’s condition. 
  • Misdiagnosis: If a GP fails to diagnose a medical condition correctly, this can lead to delayed or inappropriate treatment. This can be particularly detrimental in cases like cancer misdiagnosis, where early detection is crucial. 
  • Prescription errors: Doctors can put patients at risk by prescribing the wrong medication, incorrect dosage, or not considering potential drug interactions.
  • Failure to refer: If a GP fails to refer patients to specialists or recommend necessary tests, they could be delaying critical care.
  • Poor follow-up care: Inadequate monitoring of a patient’s condition that leads to later complications.

How To Establish GP Medical Negligence

Pursuing a doctor negligence claim requires a thorough understanding of the legal process and the ability to establish negligence against the healthcare professional. 

To prove negligence, you must show that the GP breached their duty of care by failing to meet the expected standard of care. It must also be proven that the breach of duty directly caused harm or injury (also known as causation). 

Steps to Making a Dr Malpractice Claim

While each case is unique, the process generally follows these stages: 

  • Consultation and assessment: Contact Friends Legal to discuss your situation, and we’ll help determine if you have a viable claim. Our team provides a free initial consultation to evaluate the merits of your case.
  • Gathering evidence: Our clinical negligence team works with you to gather the necessary evidence, including medical records and expert opinions. This evidence will then be used to support your claim and establish the negligence of the GP. 
  • Negotiations and settlement: Our experienced negotiators engage with the responsible parties, aiming to reach a fair settlement without court proceedings. If a settlement can’t be reached, our doctor malpractice lawyers will provide robust representation in court to protect your rights.
  • Compensation: If your claim is successful, you receive compensation for the harm you have suffered. 

We always offer a personalised approach and will build a solid legal strategy with the goal of securing the maximum compensation possible for your physical, emotional, and financial losses. If you are considering suing a doctor for negligence, contact Friends Legal. 

GP & Doctor Negligence Claims — How We Can Help

Working with experienced doctor malpractice lawyers can make a significant difference in the success of your claim. Our mission extends beyond securing compensation; it’s about helping you find closure from the experience. 

You are in safe hands when you instruct Friends Legal, knowing that we will fight for your best interests. We ensure that your voice is heard and your rights are protected. 

No Win, No Fee

We understand the financial burden of pursuing a negligence claim can be overwhelming, especially when you’re dealing with the physical and emotional consequences of doctors negligence. 

At Friends Legal, our ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy means you can pursue your claim without worrying about upfront legal fees. Our fees are only payable if we win your case and will be deducted from the compensation awarded. 

Compensation for GP & Doctor Negligence Claims

Compensation claims may cover medical treatment costs, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, and other related damages. The exact amount you could receive depends on the specifics of your case, including the severity of the personal injury and impact on your quality of life. 

Time Limit for GP & Doctor Malpractice

There are time limits for making a GP and doctor negligence claim, so acting promptly is essential. In Scotland, you must file a negligence claim within three years of the incident date or the date you became aware of the negligence. 

Doctor Negligence Legal Advice — Call Our Medical Negligence Solicitors Today

If you or a loved one has been a victim of GP negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages and losses you have suffered. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Friends Legal for a free consultation. 

Contact us on 0333 3580 583 or fill out the online form to receive a call back at a time that works for you. 

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