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Afterlife Legal Services

By Your Side

After a loved one has died, we can provide as much or as little legal help as you need. From £250 for a Helping Hand, to Full Estate Administration, starting at £1800. There’s no percentages or hourly rates, just a transparent fixed-fee service.

Get The Help You Need With Our Afterlife Services

Inheritance Tax

Depending on an estate's size, one of the biggest factors to be taken into account is the size of any potential Inheritance Tax bill. Friends Legal can help you through the IHT process as part of our By Your Side Service.

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Full Estate Administration

After your loved one has died, the last thing many want to think about is distributing their assets. At this time of loss, Friends Legal can step in to take away that stress, dealing with the Courts and all the administrative tasks involved in winding up an estate.

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Get A Helping Hand

If you want to administer a loved one's small estate yourself, we can offer you a Helping Hand with advice, paperwork and guidance.

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Get Confirmation After A Death

Let Friends Legal take care of obtaining the grant of Confirmation from the Court, leaving you free to deal with the rest of the Estate Administration.

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When someone you love dies, your grieving process begins. Alongside the huge emotional impact of a death, there are the administrative burdens to deal with too. At Friends Legal, we can offer practical and legal advice to help you through this time. Our guides and FAQs explore what steps you need to take to register the death and organise a funeral. We can also guide you through the executry process, including obtaining a grant of Confirmation (or probate) from the Court. All of which is required to allow you to distribute your loved one’s belongings in accordance with their wishes.

Our Executry Services

We offer a personal service tailored to you, should you need it. Whether that’s a helping hand and advice to enable you to deal with your loved one’s assets yourself (offering advice throughout the estate administration process); helping you apply for Confirmation, or stepping in to manage the executry process in its entirety by undertaking all the administration and legal requirements involved in carrying out your loved one’s wishes. We’re here – by your side – to guide you. 

The difference is clear, every step of the way.

Our team will help you decide what option is right for you and won’t make a difficult time any more confusing or expensive than it needs to be. We offer transparent and fair pricing with no hidden fees. Our accessible, friendly team of experts are passionate about working alongside you through every stage of this emotional process.

Together we can guide you through a simple estate, file the application to the Court (Confirmation) required in a larger estate. Or – for complete peace of mind – we can take on all the administrative and legal tasks involved in the Executry process, including valuing, ingathering and distributing your loved one’s assets. However little or much you would like us to do, we have a service that suits, clearly priced and expertly delivered.

Afterlife Services

Helping Hand

Advice for those dealing with small, simple estates. Our Helping Hand service is an affordable way to navigate the complexities of dealing with the death of a loved one with the expert guidance of our solicitors.

Confirmation only

We obtain Confirmation from the Court – a necessary step to enable an Executor to ingather and distribute your loved one’s assets in accordance with their wishes.

Full Estate Administration

We will deal with your loved one’s Estate from start to finish. Our Full Estate Administration service allows you to focus on what matters most to your family.

AfterLife Executry Prices

Helping Hand Price

Helping Hand Service£250
All prices inclusive of VAT. Small estates only.

Confirmation Only Price

Our Confirmation Only service is available for estates below £325,000 that have a valid Will.

Confirmation Only£1395*
All prices inclusive of VAT. *Added cost for petition and Bond of Caution for intestate estates – £350. For intestate estates over £50,000 the Bond of Caution provider will require a solicitor to be instructed to administer the estate.

Pricing for Administration of the Full Estate

Estate up to £100,000 £2495
Estate between £100,000 and £200,000£2950
Estate between £200,000 and £325,000£4950
Estate between £325,000 and £650,000£9950
Estate above £650,000Price on Application
All prices inclusive of VAT. *Added cost for petition and Bond of Caution for intestate estates – £350. For intestate estates over £50,000 the Bond of Caution provider will require a solicitor to be instructed to administer the estate.

We always endeavour to keep to the fixed prices stated, but we reserve the right to increase our fee if a case is unusually complex or where a large number of beneficiaries are involved. Any increased fees will also be fixed.

Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995 applications
RoW Applications£350

Legal Rights Claim Price

Legal Rights Claim£600*
All prices inclusive of VAT. *Up to any potential Court action required.

Contact Us

For more information about our Afterlife services, please contact our team, who will take the initial details of the Estate and recommend the best product for you and your loved ones. We provide a wide variety of ways to contact the team, and our opening hours span more than the usual 9-5 – so you can get in touch at a time and in a way that suits you. 

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" Dear Ellyn, I'm truly grateful for your work, in the settlement of my wife's estate. It has been a long journey, and without your guidance, and the efficient team, I would have gotten nowhere. You and your team have done me a great service, give thanks to all involved. If I need any more legal assistance, you will be my number one choice. "

AfterLife Legal Services Client

31 October 2022

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Obtaining Confirmation, Probate - By Your Side from Friends Legal

What is Confirmation and how do I Obtain it?

By Your Side

Confirmation is the legal document authorising an executor to administer the estate of a deceased individual.
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Estate Administration, Executry - By Your Side from Friends Legal

How Do I Distribute An Estate?

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Where there is a Will, the assets are distributed by an Executor according to the deceased's wishes.
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Helping Hand - Executry, Probate, Confirmation Service - By Your Side from Friends Legal

How Do I Obtain Confirmation in Scotland?

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Confirmation is the equivalent of probate in England and Wales and consists of a legal document from the Court that grants power to the Executor to deal with your assets.
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I'm An Executor, What Do I Do?

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The people who administer an estate after a death are called Executors. Executors are the representatives of the deceased.
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