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When a loved one dies, you may find yourself responsible for the executry or estate administration process. Depending on the size of the Estate, this can be a daunting prospect. If you are appointed as an Executor in your loved one’s Will for a small, straightforward Estate, we understand that you may want to deal with the executry or estate administration yourself.  Nonetheless, it can still feel like an intimidating process if you are not familiar with the steps required to complete it.  We offer guides and FAQs for you to refer to, to help demystify the executry process. We’re also here to speak to you and offer you a Helping Hand with advice and guidance specific to your circumstances. 

Our small estate service

Our Helping Hand product is for small, simple estates. It is best suited to straightforward estates where the deceased has left a will. 

It offers a way for you to complete the estate administration process yourself, in the knowledge that there is an expert available to offer advice every step of the way. Helping Hand means we are engaged by you only in an advisory capacity, allowing you to contact us for advice throughout the executry process. We can also review certain documents, such as the Will, to ensure our advice reflects your loved one’s wishes. While we are not instructed to administer the Estate, we will provide you with all the guidance you need to do this independently.  We’ll be by your side throughout, making a tough time a little easier.

The difference is clear, every step of the way.

We offer transparent and fair pricing with no hidden fees. Our accessible, friendly team of experts are passionate about working alongside you through every stage of this emotional process.

Helping Hand Price

Helping Hand Service£250
All prices inclusive of VAT. Small estates only

Contact us for a Helping Hand

For more information about our Helping Hand service, or any of our Afterlife products, please contact our team, who will take the initial details of the Estate and recommend the best product for you and your loved ones.  We provide a wide variety of ways to contact the team and our opening hours span more than the usual 9-5 – so you can get in touch at a time and in a way that suits you. 

Estate Administration, Executry - By Your Side from Friends Legal

How Do I Distribute An Estate?

By Your Side

Where there is a Will, the assets are distributed by an Executor according to the deceased's wishes.
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Helping Hand - Executry, Probate, Confirmation Service - By Your Side from Friends Legal

How Do I Obtain Confirmation in Scotland?

By Your Side

Confirmation is the equivalent of probate in England and Wales and consists of a legal document from the Court that grants power to the Executor to deal with your assets.
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being an executor - By Your Side from Friends Legal

I'm An Executor, What Do I Do?

By Your Side

The people who administer an estate after a death are called Executors. Executors are the representatives of the deceased.
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Helping Hand - Executry, Probate, Confirmation Service - By Your Side from Friends Legal

What Do I Do When Losing A Loved One?

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Friends Legal can offer you practical and legal advice to help you when losing a loved one.
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