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After your loved one has died, you might find yourself appointed as an Executor. As an Executor, you may be confident in dealing with the Estate’s ingathering and distribution, but establishing what it is worth, and having that confirmed by the Court can be a more daunting prospect. If that is the case, let us take care of obtaining the grant of Confirmation from the Court, leaving you free to deal with the rest of the Estate Administration – ingathering and distributing your loved one’s assets – with confidence.

Our Confirmation only service

Confirmation is part of the Estate Administration process, equivalent to Probate in England and Wales. Our Confirmation only service reassures you that the process of identifying and investigating what is included in your loved one’s Estate is taken care of. Once the investigations are complete, we obtain valuations of both the assets and the debts and prepare an Inventory of the Estate assets and the Confirmation application. Along with any forms concerning potential Inheritance Tax due, these are all presented to the Executor to approve and sign, before lodging them with the Court for Confirmation. Once approved by the Court, the Executor can start to ingather and distribute the assets, and our instruction would end. 

Bond of Caution

Our Confirmation only service can be used for Estates up to £50,000 whether there is a Will in place or not.  However, for Estates over £50,000 where there is no Will then – except where the Executor is the spouse or civil partner and they inherit the whole Estate – this product cannot be used. In that circumstance, an Executor has to be appointed by the Court, who insist that a Bond of Caution is lodged as an insurance policy.  This is done through an insurance company, who usually require a solicitor is used for the whole estate administration process. If this applies to you, then we offer a full estate administration package. Please note that the terms of the Bond of Caution providers may be subject to change.

The difference is clear, every step of the way.

We offer transparent and fair pricing with no hidden fees. Our accessible, friendly team of experts are passionate about working alongside you through every stage of this emotional process.

Confirmation Only Price

Our Confirmation Only service is available for estates below £325,000 that have a valid Will.

Confirmation Only£1395*
All prices inclusive of VAT. *Added cost for petition and Bond of Caution for intestate estates – £350. For intestate estates over £50,000 the Bond of Caution provider will require a solicitor to be instructed to administer the estate.

Contact Us

For more information about our Confirmation only service, or any of our Afterlife products, please contact our team, who will take the initial details of the Estate and recommend the best product for you and your loved ones. We provide a wide variety of ways to contact the team, and our opening hours span more than the usual 9-5 – so you can get in touch at a time and in a way that suits you. 

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