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How Friends Legal are solving the probate pricing problem with help from Exizent

We are driven by our mission to be a market-leading Scottish Law firm that our customers choose for our excellent results, and outstanding client experience.

Launching our new By Your Side services, our aim is to make the professional legal services for bereavement more accessible, affordable, and transparent for bereaved families. We witnessed the complicated processes currently in place for afterlife services and the varied costs charged within the industry. You can find out exactly what you’d pay with us on our pricing page.

If you visit any number of solicitors’ websites, it can be extremely complicated to work out what you will pay, if you find fees mentioned at all. It needs to change, and the interests of bereaved families put first.

Adopting Advanced Technology

We knew that to provide the best customer service at affordable rates, early adoption of technology would be important. Reducing time spent on repetitive work and maximising profitability through efficiency was key. We started seeking the use of technology to help keep costs down and reduce time spent on administration and lengthy asset discovery.

Despite the industry being very traditional in their methods, Friends Legal saw the substantial benefits of adopting technology such as Exizent in the early stages to provide an improved service for our clients.

Exizent’s executry platform puts everything in one place and makes it easier for us to provide high quality and efficient service to our clients. We can streamline our administration and case organisation, leaving us more time to work with our clients directly.

From a business perspective, the traditional methods of performing probate are very costly. Manually posting letters and documents between firms and contacting all parties through varying platforms is unrealistic and unsustainable. We strived to be able to manage everything from one location and reduce the unnecessary back and forth between institutions.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is tough. Bereaved people are vulnerable, often feel short of time and energy, and bad choices can result.

That’s why it is vitally important for us to have a transparent service, communicating with our clients at every single stage of the process so that they know exactly what is going on, what the price is and are never in the position where they don’t have clarity.

Technology is becoming more accessible and easier to use. We see the benefits of adopting and investing in technology such as Exizent and believe it has been instrumental for the By Your Side Afterlife services function.

We have had a great response to our fixed price offering, better than initially expected and growing quickly. With plans to continue to grow the team in the future, Friends Legal believe that with the assistance of the Exizent platform we will be able to continue to provide a high-quality, dedicated customer service to their clients.

The current traditional methods within the probate industry are slowing processes down. There is a need to invest in online platforms to speed up the current procedures and allow more time for clients who within the afterlife services are going through one of the hardest times in their life.

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