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Val Roberts Receives Glowing Recommendations From Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons

Val Roberts is a special gem. Not only is she just an excellent solicitor, she is extremely knowledgeable in the very complex field of eye surgery claims. Something very few can claim to be.

Laser eye surgery, for instance, is a relatively newer form of elective surgery. One that is marketed to consumers as a relief to the burden of wearing glasses. However, for such a simple solution to a mild daily inconvenience, there have been many evidenced cases of negligence that has led to a truly terrible situation for patients. Such extreme (but non-exhaustive) cases of vision loss, painful eyes, dry eye disease, double vision, and glare have been documented in many eye surgery patients, symptoms that now completely degrade their quality of life.

Val Roberts has garnered a reputation for defending such patients in the UK court of law. Her skill and acumen allows her to bring claims against high street giants, whilst navigating the near impenetrable clinical records and language used to dissuade legal challenge. Her ability to outmanoeuvre these literal and technical behemoths makes her a real and necessary asset to the legal counsel of claimants who have had their lives turned upside-down.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Read Val Roberts’ Recommendations From Five Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons & Optometrists:

I know from my personal experience as a Medical Expert in Ophthalmology instructed by professional negligence cases by Val Roberts that she has studied this subject and has extensive knowledge of the medical and commercial processes used by surgeons and companies offering this elective surgery in the open market to a level which exceeds the knowledge of most general ophthalmic surgeons and most solicitors.

She has special skills in interpreting the complicated clinical records in these cases. This places her in a unique position to be able to advise pursuers and to understand and present the opinions of medical experts in the field of refractive lens exchange surgery.”

— Anonymous Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

I have been impressed by the commitment Val Roberts [has] shown in reading and study of eye surgery and other interventions. I know she [has] an unusually clear understanding of risk mitigation in eye surgery to establish matters before she issues me as well as demonstrating an enviable familiarity with relevant journals, current research using PubMed (and are the only solicitor I know who uses PubMed in this way), posts of expert groups online and other resources.

I know Val Roberts [has] an in‐depth knowledge of the regulatory framework, and the professional and regulatory standards and guidance, particularly where this is reflected by Clinics’ Medical Advisory Board, FDA, and consumable manufacturers specifications.

— Anonymous Consultant Ophthalmologist

Mrs Roberts has demonstrated a deep understanding of the medical conditions of the eye, the complex procedures and complications that can ensue. She is not just conversant with the medical terminology used within medical examinations, procedures, and side effects, but also with the impact this can have on the quality of life and well-being.

The level of clinical understanding is well beyond that of any other layperson I have ever met. The interpretation of clinical records and scans is very challenging. I am impressed that she can simplify the complexities, without the omission of relevant details. This enables other laypeople, lawyers, and clinicians to fully understand the clinical and legal positions within the case reports.

It is my opinion that Mrs Roberts is uniquely positioned to advise potential Pursuers, based on her experience and her extensive specialist knowledge. She brings a deep understanding that is required to act as a legal representative in these cases, with a vast amount of detailed information that comes with these patients.

— Anonymous Consultant Optometrist

Few solicitors understand the complexities of this subject matter. I wish to state that Val Roberts, solicitor of Friends Legal, is one solicitor who is head and shoulders above all others in such matters. Specifically, Val Roberts has a deep and personal understanding of the matters of multifocal IOL surgery. She is completely up-to-date with all technical matters concerning multifocal IOL surgery and refractive lens exchange eye surgery.

This field of endeavour is noted for its complexity; dealing with complex optical principles and where use of complex scientific terms is widespread. Many of these scientific terms are abbreviated in the clinical records, especially in the optometric records. An overwhelming number of acronyms, often impenetrable, exist in such records. Val Roberts has mastered all such technical terms and optical concepts to a very high level of understanding.

In truth, she is the ninja of refractive surgery litigation in the UK at the time of writing. I understand that she offers to assist other solicitors struggling with such matters. At the time of writing I would say that Val Roberts is one of only a handful of legal professionals across the whole of the UK with this level of in-depth knowledge of Ophthalmology and that she is without doubt the leading light in refractive lens surgery claims and towers over all other peers in her knowledge and expertise in this complex subject matter area.

Based on such aforesaid matters, I have no hesitation in providing this testimonial concerning Val Roberts and based on a number of cases I have been involved with alongside her to date. It seems to me that because of her knowledge and expertise in these complex proceedings and which requires specialist knowledge, that she is a Solicitor who deserves to be appropriately recognised for such complex work. Specifically, such proceedings are usually of huge importance to pursuers as they are for loss of vision and with significant impacts on litigant’s day-to-day life for what was non-essential cosmetic treatment.

— Anonymous Consultant Ophthalmologist

I have known Val Roberts in her capacity as a Consultant Solicitor for 3 years. She has developed a legal special interest in eye injury cases relating to all kinds of refractive procedures including laser eye surgery, clear lens exchange and cataract.

On this journey, Val Roberts has gained a most detailed understanding of the fields of optometry and ophthalmology, enhanced by a broad and in-depth knowledge of the relevant specific literature on various complications and risks.

I believe Val Roberts is uniquely placed in the UK to advise such potential litigants, effectively understand expert opinion, where appropriate challenge it, and engage all due processes.

I hereby write to personally thank Val Roberts for acquiring such high levels of skill and specialist knowledge, which goes far above and beyond that of her peers.

— Anonymous Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

Get The Help Of One Of The UK’s Leading Eye Surgery Negligence Solicitors

If you have experienced negligent laser eye or lens replacement surgery, it should now come as no surprise that we have one of the nation’s top solicitors in this field ready to help you claim.

Val Roberts and her team will perform the robust work involved to understand what clinical negligence actually occurred during this incredibly complex procedure. Then they can begin to construct a case for you to seek compensation. Something very few solicitors are equipped to do in the UK. All this, whilst being able to facilitate your case on a no win, no fee basis.

Contact us now on 0333 3580 583 to start your personal injury claim.

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