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Glasgow forms UK's first alliance to end homelessness

16 November 2018

Glasgow has become the first city in the UK to form an alliance to combat homelessness and rough sleeping.

People with ‘first-hand experience’ of homelessness to lead campaign

Glasgow Council’s Health and Social Care Partnership (GCHSCP) will recruit partners from across the private and public sectors to find innovative new ways to fight homelessness.

The alliance hopes to alleviate the impact of rough sleeping, as well as to reduce the time spent in temporary accommodation and on the streets of the city.

This new approach to tackling homelessness comes after the council was criticised for keeping people in temporary accommodation for extended periods of time, sometimes for as long as six months.

The alliance plans to put people with real experience of homelessness at the heart of their work, drawing from real life experiences.

Chair of the Partnership’s Integration Joint Board, Councillor Mhairi Hunter, said: “There is nothing of this type in the UK. It will be a genuine partnership and ground-breaking stuff. We look forward to working collaboratively with partners to develop this ambitious new venture.”

The initiative plans to revolutionise the city’s approach to homelessness and rough sleeping. The alliance will come into force from 2019, and will be responsible for budget management and allocation of key services.

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