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Disabled activists set up legal fund to sue over discrimination

12 October 2018

Inspirational disabled activists are coming together to fight back against discrimination by transport companies.

Paralympians among those campaigning for equality

A new fund has been set up by activists and charities to help disabled people fight back against poor treatment and discrimination when travelling.

The fund is designed to help take action in cases like those of Paralympic athlete Anne Wafula Strike, who was left stranded at Stanstead airport after a delayed flight.

The first of its kind, this new fund will tackle systemic discrimination in the transport industry, and hopes to make a real impact and positive change for those with disabilities.

Activists are launching the #transportjustice campaign to raise awareness, and to help disabled people use the law to fight back against discrimination on public transport.

Almost 14 million people in the UK have a disability, and many face difficulties when using public transport like trains and planes.

Passengers who have experienced discrimination rarely have the ability take legal action against powerful transport companies, as they may end up having to foot the bill for the company’s legal expenses as well as their own.

This fund, supported by the charity Inclusion London and the law firm Deighton Pierce Glynn, aims to help people fight back.

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