How we help others


"No one’s going to do it for you. You have to find your own solace — your own drive, your ambition, your own inner strength, because the moment’s arrived for the greatest game of your life.”

- Jim Telfer

At Friends Legal our main focus is on ensuring that we achieve the highest possible entitled compensation for our customers . However, in tandem with that we are also fully committed to assisting people, organisations, and charities most of whom are found in our local communities.

We have a particular focus on assisting those who are seeking to make positive changes in society and those who are also seeking to overcome adversity, often following injury. This approach is entirely consistent with our vision and values which encompass our approach to everything that we do.

Our Friends Legal Journal page showcases our ongoing efforts to help others along with stories that have inspired us.

Examples of our Helping Initiatives

Show Racism the Red Card

Charity bake sale2   

Show Racism the Red Card is one of the Uk`s most prominent anti-racism charities. Through educational initiatives the charity aims to reduce the impact of racism in society. Often closely linked with football Show Racism the Red Card hosts training events in schools, workplaces and stadiums and educates more than 50,000 people per year on the topic of anti-racist initiatives.

Friends Legal was keen to become involved and to support the noble cause pursued by the charity. To this end Friends Legal took sponsorship of an event that led to the education of …. and provided much needed funds for the charity to continue to expand its efforts. Our commitment to Show Racism the Red Card is ongoing and we regularly participate in Red Day fundraising for such an inspiring initiative.

Show Racisim the Red Card2

View our post on this from October.

Spartans FC Women`s/ Girls` Club – Live Together-Play Together- Win Together

At Friends Legal we strongly believe in the power of community to achieve great things and for this reason we have become the kit sponsor of Spartans FC Women`s and Girls` Football Club, a community led initiative promoting positive values and practices in the community setting of North Edinburgh.

We were approached by the club to consider providing sponsorship and much needed funds to help the club achieve its aim of promoting engagement in women`s football, with a focus on developing not only football skills but also health, wellbeing and social development for all those who become involved with the club.

Spartans were able to demonstrate a clear vision for their club, along with clearly defined values that they wished to promote. We were delighted to become involved and we hope that our ongoing involvement will assist them in developing women`s football generally and specifically within their community, wellbeing amongst all of their players and staff and ultimately in meeting their desired aim of becoming one of the foremost women`s football teams in Scotland.  

Other Charities & Initiatives

We look to support as many charities and initiatives as possible and in recent times our staff have raised funds for charities such as;

  • Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland
  • Barra Island RNLI Lifeboat
  • Scottish SPCA
  • Sarcoma Research UK
  • Motor Neurone Disease Scotland
  • Christmas Parcels and Food Parcels for Quarriers to help approximately 70 families
  • St Andrews Hospice, Glasgow
  • Murrayfield Racers

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