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Frequently Asked Questions

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power of attorney solicitors Scotland - By Your Side from Friends Legal

Do I need a Power of Attorney?

Power Of Attorney

There are various situations in which a Power of Attorney can be useful.

POA can cover circumstances in which you are involved in a serious accident, or become seriously ill, and either find it difficult or are no longer able to deal with your own affairs. Your Power of Attorney can remain in place indefinitely until specifically...

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trustees of a Trust - By Your Side from Friends Legal

Who should be a Trustee for my Trust?


You can choose almost anyone to be Trustee when setting up a Trust, including yourself, but we would not recommend that you act as Trustee on your own.

It is important to choose people you trust as they will be responsible for managing the Trust and will have several duties to follow, including: To act in the best interests of Beneficiaries;To devote time to Trust affairs. We would generally recommend at...

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executry, will, power of attorney, trust guides - By Your Side from Friends Legal

Why set up a Trust?


There are a variety of reasons why you may wish to consider setting up a Trust, such as:

Protecting assets;Assisting vulnerable beneficiaries;A Personal Injury claim resulting in compensation.

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what is a Trust? By Your Side from Friends Legal

What is a Trust?


A Trust involves three groups of people:

The “Truster” – this is the person who is setting up the Trust;The “Trustees”- these are the people who are responsible for administering the Trust for the benefit of the Beneficiaries;The “Beneficiaries” – these are the people who are entitled to benefit fr...

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Obtaining Confirmation, Probate - By Your Side from Friends Legal

What is Confirmation and how do I Obtain it?

By Your Side

Confirmation is the legal document authorising an executor to administer the estate of a deceased individual.
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power of attorney solicitors - By Your Side from Friends Legal

What To Consider When Setting Up A Power Of Attorney

By Your Side

A Power of Attorney is a written document which specifies who you want to act as your Attorney, what powers your Attorney should have, and when the powers should take effect.
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being an attorney with power of attorney - By Your Side from Friends Legal

Guide To Being An Attorney

By Your Side

So you have now been appointed to act as an Attorney. This short guide sets out what the first steps are to acting as an Attorney, and your duties.
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Estate Administration, Executry - By Your Side from Friends Legal

How Do I Distribute An Estate?

By Your Side

Where there is a Will, the assets are distributed by an Executor according to the deceased's wishes.
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