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Honorary doctorate for first woman amputee to climb Everest

16 November 2018

The first woman amputee to scale Mount Everest has been awarded an honorary doctorate.

Arunima Sinha is an ‘inspiration to amputees across the world’

Sinha reached the peak of the world’s highest mountain in 2013. She lost her left leg after being thrown from a train whilst resisting a robbery in her native India.

The prestigious University of Strathclyde in Glasgow honoured her with a doctorate this month.

Principle and Vice-Chancellor of the University, Jim McDonald, said: “Arunima is an inspiration to amputees around the world. Not only has she shown real spirit, courage and determination in overcoming adversity, she is using her compassion and positivity to help other people.”

Sinha was a former national volleyball player in India, who resolved to climb the world’s highest mountain while recovering from her injuries.

Not content with just conquering Everest, Sinha has also climbed the highest mountains in Africa, South America, Australia, and Europe.

The doctorate also recognises Sinha’s charitable work through her Arunima Foundation, which aims to empower women and people with disabilities throughout the world’s poorest communities.

Sinha said: “This award delivers a good message to the youth of India and the world over that if you strive to reach your goals in life your achievements will be recognised.”

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