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Surge in laser eye surgery claims brought to Friends Legal

27 September 2019

Friends Legal are currently handling around 50 laser eye surgery claims as a result of High Street practitioners carrying out NHS operations.

BLOG surge in laser eye surgery claims brought to friends legal 1Optical Express – who is on the NHS-approved list and the current market leader for laser eye and lens replacement surgery – has come under scrutiny as of recent. According to an article published in the Scottish Mail on Sunday, there has been a surge in claims for damaged and ruined eyesight as a result of negligent work from the company.

Our very own Val Roberts was mentioned for her personal experience with the firm when she underwent lens replacement surgery last year. Having been left with ‘dirty, greasy vision’ after her first operation, she refused to return for her second appointment.

Quoted in the article, Val discussed the importance of having stronger regulations in place and the devastating effects an unsuccessful procedure can have:

“The refractive eye surgery industry has been allowed to self-regulate. Many of my clients have been ill-advised to have surgery with the risks not fully explained and with very poor aftercare when they have experienced problems.

“The experience I had is echoed in the stories of my clients, though most of them are far worse off. Many are struggling with serious problems which impact their work, relationships and mental health.”

You can read the full article here.

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