Catastrophic Claims

Head, Brain and Spinal Injury cases can have a catastrophic impact on both the injured persons’ life and the lives of their loved ones.

Catastrophic injuries such as these will generally be either direct injury to the brain or head; or to the spinal chord. These injuries can lead to either complete or partial paralysis or to direct brain damage affecting your ability to work, interact or function properly.

Our expert personal injury lawyers know this and we are used to looking after injured people and their families who have to go through great difficulties adjusting and coping. Our role is not simply to maximise compensation for the injury victim. We can facilitate help and assistance from dedicated organisations and will arrange to have such injuries assessed by appropriate and specialist medical experts.

We will have you seen and assessed in your own house or at hospital, to establish your care and future equipment needs. We will ensure that the best care is provided. To do this, we will seek early and substantial interim payment awards from the fault insurer to help fund that care and medical treatment privately. Why should you or your loved one settle for second best? We will seek to recover the cost of that treatment as part of your claim.

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